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Start Date: 4/18/2010
End Date: 9/4/2010
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Losers have to grow a full mustache for an entire month. Stephen is going for 185 and Sean getting below 10% bodyfat (approximately 195).
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 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Sean W-0.410209/02
Stephen S-0.610209/03
Message Board
Stephen S: And with that........ I bid a farewell to FatBet. It's been incredible. [09/03]

Stephen S: Sent an email to Andrew, Nick, You and I... the four of us will determine the structure of our next wager. Looking forward to it, my biatch... [09/03]

Stephen S: Thanks man. Still nowhere near where I want to be, but at least I'm 40 pounds (or one Justin Bieber) closer... I'll get there. [09/03]

Sean W: Nice work! [09/03]

Stephen S: DONE. [09/03]

Stephen S: Nice work, fatty... I'm going to finish this up tomorrow. Thoughts on our next wager? There are a few people that would like to get in on the action... [09/02]

Sean W: Done! [09/02]

Sean W: Same weight today. Didn't use the elliptical yesterday - just walked Chilly - I guess carrying half an Albersons bag of dog-doo doesn't burn that many calories and it would be a stretch to call "walking and stopping for him to pee on every plant" low-intensity interval training. [09/01]

Sean W: Look who just moved to the top of the leader board! [08/31]

Stephen S: 3 legitimate lbs, a decent poop and cut back on liquids past noon on Friday... I'm money and I don't even know it. What's our next wager? [08/28]

Stephen S: FYI. Just ate three slices of pizza at Mellow Mushroom. I think I'm going to have to get my stomach pumped... [08/27]

Sean W: We should create a new site called [08/27]

Stephen S: What's your work address? It was suggested that I have one of Pizza Hut's "Stuffed Crust Meat-Lover's" pizza delivered to your office for lunch today. We know you love meat... [08/27]

Sean W: Some A-hole brought doughnuts AND chocolate cupcakes to work today. [08/24]

Stephen S: YES, it was a lob, but I had to wake you up from your deep sleep... For you, "She closed her eyes; and in the sweet slumber lying, her spirit tiptoed from it's lodging place." -Petrarcha. No idea what that truly means, but I can only imagine what may or may have not have been lodged into your "place." That being said, pull your panties out of that special "place" and let's knock this shiat out with some dignity. Simply put, for those who may or may not be following along on our quest to become "less squishy", let's let make them laugh... [08/20]

Sean W: Stephen: That was a lob . . . "Bend over and I'll show you where to put the grilled cheese sandwiches" Everyone Else: Hello Friends. Stephen has made numerous repeated requests for me to be funnier. This is not something you can turn on or off, or in my case, it is simply something I can't turn off. Portmanteau - n. - squishing two words together and combining their meanings, ie. smog, Brangelina, MOOBS, etc. You don't have to know what it means to know when it is funny. Imagine this: A personal trainer at my gym is very overweight. Fatter than our "Before" pictures. Imagine that said fat trainer wears TapouT shit like its a coca-cola shirt (or whatever the young kids wear these days). Imagine that fat trainer's ample love handles. Consider that chicks squished into skinny jeans get muffintops. The male corrollary is fat dude wearing MMA shirt = MuffinTap. Ok . . . yes, nothing special, Sean is being moderately funny and he's had a few beers this evening. Way to go. Have another. Portmanteau. Wooo. Now, what if Sean acted on his wild impulses and had some very basic skills with photoshop and wordpress and risked his own life to take pictures if fat mother fuc kers wearing tapout shit. That would be funny if it was a website . . . behold: Is that funny? Peace out my bruddahs. [08/20]

Stephen S: The weight loss is cool and all, but I have less places to hide grilled cheese sandwiches... [08/20]

Stephen S: How steady has my weight loss been? I think it's pretty damn bad ass... ;-) [08/14]

Stephen S: Three weeks to go, brother... my mind's already set to beyond that crap. I haven't felt this good in years, I'm going to go ahead and start P90X on Monday. I can only pray that my back holds up... My doctor thinks I'm ready, that's all I need to hear... Bring it. [08/14]

Stephen S: I think the door was confiscated by the Georgia Tech police department, when we were funneling 40's on the front lawn. On the brightside, I do have pictures & I will post one here soon.. [08/14]

Sean W: What ever happened to all our 40oz labels? Did you get to keep that door? [08/14]

Stephen S: That's child's play... [08/14]

Sean W: I had 3 pitchers of bud light and half of a quesadilla last night for dinner [08/14]

Stephen S: [08/14]

Stephen S: When's Tug? [07/31]

Stephen S: I'm busting my balls. Today/tonight it caught up with me. Ran a hard 5miles, turned around immediately went out for dinner and drinks. Nearly puked on myself on the way home. Luckily it was only on the outside of my truck. Not pussing out or anything, just need to reign it in and be smart about it. Man, I sound like a little bitch... 5 more weeks. This is the first week I've felt worn the fuck out... Down 30 lbs (230 in March), 15 to go, then I'm going to crank it up to another level... [07/30]

Stephen S: I'm nervous. [07/30]

Sean W: Are you waiting on a big number . . . ? [07/30]

Sean W: Only two cats . . . they're siamese . . . And I don't mean that they are from Siam, because that's called Thailand now, I mean that they are joined at the butt. 68 hours of cardio is easy. You're probably going to see 136 episodes of two-and-a-half men in that time. [07/28]

Stephen S: Your graph looks like litter of cats now, by the way... [07/28]

Stephen S: Looks like I'm going to have to invest in Johnson & Johnson (company that sells Band-Aids). That, or I'll just use duct tape and leave it on for the next 5.5 weeks... [07/28]

Stephen S: Wow, that's F'ing depressing! Based on your high level math, that's about 68 hours worth of cardio for me, in the next 38 days. Damn... [07/28]

Sean W: Doing well. Feeling the flow. Doing the wild bull dance. Fewer than 10 pounds to go... Or 35,000 calories or roughly 45 hours of elliptical... [07/28]

Stephen S: Pivotal week for me, as I make my way past the 200 lb mark. It's also time to start thinking about chasing down the blue line... How you feeling, brother? I confident that I'm going to make it. It'll be tough, but it's going to happen... [07/27]

Stephen S: You getting into town on Sept 4th? I've got miles for you, I owe you a flight... [07/23]

Sean W: Was out of town last weekend and traveled for work this week . . . Ready to put this baby to bed. [07/23]

Stephen S: Where you at, Chester? [07/23]

Stephen S: Seven weeks left until the end if our FatBet, until football season until I start P90X... Hells yes. [07/17]

Stephen S: Make that 4.5 hours in 4 days... [07/15]

Stephen S: 3.5 hours in the gym the last 3 days. If I don't see some tangible results on the scale this week, I'm going to be really pissed... [07/15]

Sean W: Next time, don't lie down on the treadmill or wear a shirt it you do [07/14]

Stephen S: Spent an hour and a half on the treadmill last night. Apparently, that was a little too long, as my nipples are sore from the friction... [07/13]

Stephen S: Rough week. I'm going to grow a stache for one week. Maybe it'll inspire me. I'll send a pic next weekend, assuming I don't puss out... You down? [07/10]

Stephen S: No idea what I meant at the time... [07/07]

Sean W: Regarding your last comment . . . did you mean that "Two and a Half Men" is "Pretty BA"? [07/07]

Sean W: Only gained about a pound on my trip to visit family. Not bad considering how many beers I had. [07/06]

Stephen S: Spent several hours on the treadmill this week. Apparently "Two and a Half Men is on from 7pm to 8 pm. Took your advice on the "heart rate mgt" the last week or two... Pretty BA. [07/01]

Sean W: ~22 lbs since Jan is no joke. Most of that was in the last two months. Two MORE months and you won't be a fat ass . . . [06/28]

Stephen S: SOB. My back hasn't been great the last couple weeks.I thought the tingling in my right leg was my imagination. Apparently not. I'm scurred... [06/26]

Stephen S: Dropped off a New Kid at the pool. Just posted a new weight. Holy crap, I'm still a fat ass, but I was 230 in January. Wow. [06/26]

Sean W: OOOooohhhh! Good idea. [06/26]

Stephen S: Book your flight to Atlanta for the weekend of Sept 4th. First Tech game. We'll host a massive tailgate to celebrate. Shookapalooza. [06/26]

Stephen S: About forced into going down another belt loop. My pants are retarded at this point... [06/25]

Sean W: I gained 0.2 this week. I probably would have been down a pound or more, but we had an office party and I ate chips and guacamole and drank a few margaritas, which had a lot of sugar and alcohol. [06/25]

Sean W: I dealt with the 2-3 day gain after lifting at the beginning. As far as burning fat, extra muscle helps, but the biggest help for me comes from the right intensity (moderate - 65% of MHR) and duration (more than an hour) . . . "Fat requires oxygen to burn completely, but oxygen can only be delivered to the working muscle cells at a steady rate, a lower rate of delivery for less fit individuals. So in order to maintain a constant fat burning state during exercise is to work at a rate which is easy to moderate in effort. A good guide to make sure you are in fat burning mode is to be able to just about hold a conversation while exercising." My personal recommendation is that you don't workout so hard that you can't sing along (out loud at the gym) to the music in your ipod. [06/25]

Stephen S: Maybe my theory is total BS, but I'm rolling with it... [06/24]

Stephen S: Cardio on the treadmill again this AM. I started lifting weights again over the past couple of weeks, but I feel like the initial swell is temporarily stunting my weight loss progress (water retention in muscles?). I know that I'll burn fat a hell of alot faster than I'll build muscle, so the downward trend will come around again shortly... [06/24]

Stephen S: Week's off to a pretty good start. Hit the gym Sun, Mon and Tues nights, for an hour each night. Better see some solid results on Friday or Saturday morning... [06/22]

Stephen S: I feel dirty. [06/22]

Sean W: Oh, wow. Look at our progress now. [06/22]

Sean W: It's a delicate balance. Move it too far and it's not enough of a challenge. You're averaging 1.9 per week. If you stay on that path, you'll hit 185 in the middle of September. [06/20]

Stephen S: Yeah. We're having success, our timeline might be too aggressive. If we move the chains, I think we have to implement an immediate penalty to maintain the integrity of the FatBet. Your thoughts? [06/20]

Sean W: We could move the chains . . . pluses and minuses to that idea. One plus being reasonably able to meet the goal; one minus being the need to please the audience (which I'm not nearly as sensitive to, since I'm 2,000 miles away). [06/20]

Stephen S: What's the plan? [06/20]

Stephen S: I have a really bad feeling about what the scale's going to day in the AM. [06/18]

Stephen S: BAM. [06/11]

Sean W: OK. Me too. [06/09]

Stephen S: I'm not going to weigh-in until Friday or Saturday AM, it's been really pissing me off. I'm determined to have a solid week. Diet & exercise this week, so far, so good. Weight-wise, TBD. [06/08]

Sean W: Congrats on being down 10 lbs now. [06/04]

Stephen S: I wish I could. [06/04]

Sean W: crap [06/03]

Sean W: I hope this link works: If not, cut and paste and try not to piss all over yourself [06/03]

Stephen S: Got on the treadmill this morning for 30 minutes, for the first time since my back blew out in January. My back held up pretty well, didn't feel pain that I'd associate with anything other than being an out of running shape. I didn't lose feeling in my left leg or foot, which has been a major concern of mine. Through mid-March, I was liable to fall down at any given moment, because I couldn't feel my left foot. It was pathetic... Hopefully, this is a sign of good progress being made with the herniated discs in my lower back. [06/03]

Sean W: Now it's a race. 30 lbs for me, 29 for you. [06/03]

Sean W: You're going to be a lot closer to the halfway point at the halfway point. [06/02]

Sean W: I am going to try not drinking until the weekend of the 4th of July. I am on my second day now. [06/02]

Stephen S: Congrats. Man, we're going to have to average 3 lbs/week. That's NOT good. I've made no progress the last week or two... I grew a stache from Thursday to Tuesday AM, to give myself a little "preview". NOT good. [06/02]

Sean W: YES! Back to where I started! [06/02]

Sean W: I have a black and white monitor. That's not true, but it would be a good excuse. [06/01]

Stephen S: I thought you were talking about the "blue" line, but it appears that you may be color blind or something. You want to get to the line that's slanted and look's something like this "\". NOT, the one that's flat and looks like this "__". The slanted line is the "blue" line, the line you keep heading towards is actually "black" and represents the upper boundary of the graphing mechanism. Give me a call if you need some help understanding & reading the graph... [06/01]

Sean W: Oh, wow. The chart wasn't updating on my blackberry. Holy shit that looks bad. You now have less "lbs to goal". When I said I wanted to get to that line, I did say that I wanted to get to the *blue* line, right? [06/01]

Sean W: OK, just under 10 weeks Vegas was fun, won almost all my money back after losing . . . Doesn't that sound familiar? [06/01]

Stephen S: Also, been moving out of my house this week/weekend. Regardless... we need to get our shit together... I have NO desire to look like "Chester the Child Molester" ten weeks from now. Might throw a wrench in my transition into the single life! [05/29]

Stephen S: Hell week. Zero workouts. Zero weight loss. Lots of work. Lots of coffee. [05/28]

Stephen S: I repeat: Stephen S: Is your upper lip beginning to have a weird tingling sensation? Perhaps a bit of a slightly uncomfortable itch? [05/09] [05/27]

Sean W: Pressing the reset button with some gambling and binge drinking in vegas tonight until saturday. Back on track saturday at 2:00 pacific time [05/27]

Stephen S: Stay thirsty, my friends. [05/22]

Stephen S: I expect a decent number in the morning. I've been eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts all day, and then sticking my finger down my throat to puke them up... [05/20]

Stephen S: 94% for you, fool... You're in deep shit. [05/20]

Sean W: Only 95% left to go!! [05/20]

Stephen S: Dammit. [05/19]

Stephen S: My metabolism appears to have come back to life. I think it's been in hibernation for several years. Feeling good. Almost time to buy smaller pants. Hmmm, what to do with my fatty pants? Maybe they can use them to clog to oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. [05/15]

Sean W: Today is the 25% mark on our journey. Would be scared except that I made good progress this week, starting at 1.4 above my starting weight and finishing down 5.2 for the week. I think I have it dialed in now. I may just have to draw a fatter cat. [05/15]

Sean W: And E)you're still going to be short. Don't worry about BMI - you really do have too much muscle mass for it to work. They can't index you! [05/14]

Stephen S: So, I'm looking at the BMI chart (strictly based on height & weight) that came with my scale. I know that these things are a joke, but I thought I'd point out a couple of fun facts: A) I started off in the "Obese" category, right on the verge of "Morbidly Obese" B) I'm still "Obese" and will continue to rank as "Obese" until I drop to to the 200 lb mark (or the -25.0 on the chart below). C) When I hit my goal weight of 185 lbs, I will still rank as "Overweight." D) I've determined that the "Normal" category on these charts correlates directly to the phrase "Concentration Camp Skinny." [05/14]

Sean W: If you look closely at my battle plan, you'll notice two things: (1) I kind of messed up on the cat's ears (both) and realistically, (2) I can't draw any wiskers, which is a disappointment, to say the least. The next four days are going to be really challenging. It looks like I'll have to hit -9 on 5/17 and -20 on 5/31. [05/13]

Sean W: with "sauna action" you really left the door open to such a variety of jokes . . . [05/13]

Stephen S: Anyway to remove what I just wrote? Oh well... [05/13]

Stephen S: I hope to be down 7 lbs by Saturday AM. A good night's sleep, a mid-morning tumbling of grumpies, and I should be there. That'll put me about 3 lbs behind schedule. Nothing that a little Exlax & sauna action couldn't handle on the last day... [05/13]

Sean W: I will beat that blue line. [05/11]

Stephen S: Nice recovery... [05/11]

Stephen S: We're getting further and further from the blue line, every single day... [05/11]

Sean W: Not scared yet. If the bet was to lose the same pound 31 times, I think I would have won already! [05/10]

Stephen S: Is your upper lip beginning to have a weird tingling sensation? Perhaps a bit of a slightly uncomfortable itch? [05/09]

Sean W: Drank a few beers friday. Rode my bike 9 miles to get my car at 640 in the morning, then drove to the gym for a workout. I suppose the 5 beers had something to do with my results . . . [05/09]

Stephen S: Where you at, biatch? [05/08]

Stephen S: On the bike... I've been doing pretty well regarding food, as well. Except for last night. Had some beers last night to celebrate illegal immigration in the United States. Kind of pissed at myself for it though... [05/06]

Sean W: I think 85% is about where you're supposed to be . . . (220-33)X85%=160. Were you on the bike or elliptical or what? Except for that cookie on tuesday, I've been in control of food. Holding off on reporting # until Saturday. So far, the blue line is beating me. La linea azul muere! [05/06]

Stephen S: 45 minutes of good cardio this morning. The machine was telling me that my heart rate got to around 185 beats per minute, which is supposedly 98% of my max heart rate. Does that mean that I was working really hard and burning alot of calories or does that mean that my heart was about to explode? I didn't feel like I was going to die? Generally my heart rate was between 170 and 180 beats per minute. Thoughts? [05/05]

Sean W: got a free cookie with lunch. ate it. It was good, but not worth it . . . [05/04]

Stephen S: Had a pretty intense cardio workout this AM, after my pitiful weigh-in. Most intense I've had in years. I could barely walk afterwards. [05/04]

Stephen S: Damn it. [05/04]

Sean W: Baby-steps [05/03]

Sean W: Ok - two weeks in and I'm down 1.2. Whoopee. June 12 is the half-way point. My goal is to get half-way by the half-way point. <200 by June 12. [05/03]

Sean W: Rode my bike 15 miles yesterday. It was windy as hell. [05/03]

Stephen S: I rescheduled for Monday afternoon. [05/01]

Stephen S: I rescheduled for Monday afternoon. [05/01]

Sean W: What did the doc say? [05/01]

Stephen S: Doctor's appt today. Going to get his opinion on gradually working my way back into lifting. Been sticking to low impact cardio the first couple of weeks. Getting into a decent 5:30 AM routine... [04/30]

Sean W: Running at noon. Half-day at work. [04/29]

Stephen S: Fear is starting to creep in at this point. I'm exercising & eating healthy, BUT way off track. I know things will turn around at some point. They have to, right???!?!? [04/28]

Stephen S: Above, that is... [04/27]

Stephen S: Damn. Back about the Mendoza line... Not good. [04/27]

Stephen S: Not quite sure why I'm lighter again this morning. Maybe I'm such a fat ass that introducing my body to a little bit of exercise this week was a pretty good idea... I might be a little bit dehydrated too... [04/24]

Stephen S: Nice. My fat ass has been riding the recumbent bike this week. Eventually, I'll transition to something with more intensity. Like running... [04/23]

Sean W: Rode the elliptical for 1,000 calories (1:13) this morning. Running 7.0 tomorrow. I expect to be below the blue line tomorrow morning. [04/23]

Sean W: I have an Omron HBF-510. I got it on sale on Amazon about a year and a half ago. It says I'm fat in a variety of ways. BMR, BF%, Muscle% and a rating for how much fat is surrounding my organs. If you have an FSA for insurance, I think you can use that money . . . tax free . . . to buy the scale. [04/23]

Stephen S: 5:30 AM again this morning. Getting easier to get up now. Pretty much all cardio this week. I'm going to try to start easing back into lifting again next week. Want to get some clearance from my doctor... [04/23]

Stephen S: I need to buy a new scale that goes out to the tenth of a pound. The one I have only goes out to the half pound, and I don't know if it even does that anymore (I've had it forever)... [04/22]

Sean W: I should eat things that are lighter in weight, ie. cotton candy. [04/22]

Stephen S: I fell off the wagon this morning. Up really late, so I couldn't get out of bed to hit the gym. I'll be going this afternoon though, no matter what, biatch... [04/22]

Stephen S: Uhhhh, 3 lb burrito for breakfast? [04/22]

Sean W: I have an explanation . . . [04/22]

Sean W: Good luck. "You can do it." [04/21]

Stephen S: I might try to do a light workout with weights tonight. It'd be the first time since my back blew out on me in January. Wish me luck... [04/21]

Stephen S: I got up at 5:30 this AM again. Harder to get up this time, but hoping to get myself into some sort of routine. Upped the intensity a little bit, as I try to make progress... [04/21]

Sean W: Good work. Wow, your two dots are way further apart than mine. I lifted this morning, but didn't do cardio. I'm supposed to run 5 total tomorrow, 3 of them at 8.5 mph (7:00/mile). I am sure I will die. I may have to break it up into intervals of 1.0 mile in order to complete it. [04/20]

Stephen S: It's going to be baby steps for me, with regards to lifting weights. Gotta ease into exercising again, make sure my back holds up... The more weight I lose through diet and low impact cardio, the better off I'll be and the more likely I'll be able to start lifting again... I can't wait to start working out again, brother! [04/20]

Stephen S: I got up at 5:30 this AM and did cardio. Been a LONG time since I've done that. Weighed in prior to exercising. Down one pound, supposedly. I ate a bunch of salad yesterday, so maybe I cleared out some of this past weekend's toxins... One pound down, only 37 to go!!! [04/20]

Sean W: I'm at 1.3% of my goal already! High-Five! I always weigh myself before I go to the gym and I couldn't poop before the gym this morning. I sat there so long my right leg fell asleep. Once I got home from the gym and had a cup of coffee, things changed. I would have been 215.2. [04/19]

Stephen S: Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Looking forward to getting back in shape. There's no way in hell I'm going let myself lose this bet... [04/19]

Stephen S: Hello, brother... [04/19]

Sean W: Pssht. Do you read me? Over. Pssht. [04/19]

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