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5 chicas/os attepmting to lose some serious lbs - Go Rob B!!. Our vote for the Fatbet Wager: "Loser(s) walks naked through the mall." Final weigh-in will require verification by a neutral party- and maybe a notary. Good luck Chicas.. keep it clean please.

This Fatbet was a complete train wreck. Some learning points: 1. Set an attainable goal. 2. Set a Wager that you believe you will have to pay if you lose. 3. Set a Wager that the winners are are motivated to collect from the losers. In other words: bet cash. There! we said it.. see you all in prison.
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Cabo Wabo Chicas

Start Date: 5/26/2008
End Date: 8/26/2008
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
NEW BET!! If you do not meet your goal...You must walk down Main Street, Mill Creek in a bikini and flip-flops in the middle of the day on a Saturday!
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Amanda C5.86108/22
Marisol S4.06007/29
eddie l12.05208/03
Laine B7.85107/29
Rob B36.82607/06
Message Board
Amanda C: It's just me.... where is my support??? [08/20]

Amanda C: Ahhh.... I am not going to make it! [08/13]

Amanda C: Went Camping- Oops! [08/12]

Laine B: Nice steady progress Amanda!! Good Work!! I may actually become remotivated...We'll see!! [08/11]

Laine B: Its my turn to SLACK!! I heard on the radio this morning on the way to work to NEVER weigh in on Monday!! I rode all weekend and didn't really eat alot....Oh. Forgot about the Taco Bell run Saturday night. I think we had one of each... Not good. I'll be back!! [08/11]

Amanda C: Ok... where are my peeps? They have all left me. Don't give up! [08/07]

Amanda C: Marisol nice job holding your own on vacation. I am going to be up tomorrow. I ate sushi with lots of soy sauce for lunch- Darn water retention. Oh well. Why haven't the guys logged in? [07/29]

Laine B: So Get a load of THIS!! Dave says I was sleepwalking and got up and ate a Freakin' Fudgescicle at 3:00 in the morning!! C'mon!! I must be having an issue for sure! [07/29]

Amanda C: I am not eatting and spending hours (plural) at the gym today!!!! [07/28]

Amanda C: Damn! I was ahead of at least 1 person for a day. Why am I parellel to the blue line??? I have a wedding to attend tomorrow... that could do me in! [07/25]

Laine B: So now I'm convinced that the wacky work scale was on a bump!! I tried to move it to a flat spot yesterday but kept getting that dismal weight! I feel sooooo much better!! Still a long way to go but I'm going to get serious any minute now! Of course we have two fairs and a huge camping trip to look forward to!! [07/25]

Laine B: So....I so did NOT want to 'fess up to my tragic weight gain!! But I think seeing it on the screen will get me motivated! I guess I have to...I dunno....start eating better? Hmmmm....theres a concept. I have no one to blame but myself!! 33 days left! I'm feeling the pressure now!! Less than a month till the cruise!! YIKES!! [07/24]

Laine B: 30 days until I have to subject my Jelly Belly to a bunch of unsuspecting passengers on a cruise ship!! They are going to demand a full refund!! Last night we grubbed at Bonefish! Sooooo Yummy!! I have got to buckle down!! [07/22]

Amanda C: Ok... I am screwed! [07/22]

Amanda C: I think I am a yo-yo! Who is holding the string? [07/21]

Laine B: HELLO!! That little red dot is traveling the WRONG direction! Pressure is starting to build!! 30 days until the cruise!! Marisol and Eddie are inspiring me!! [07/21]

Laine B: I used the work scale and after getting on three times in a row, this was the lowest weight I could come up with!! Don't care if its right...mentally it has boosted my hopes!! This is after several days off, camping at Bayview all weekend and a huge spaghetti dinner last night! I'll take it!! Denial is a wonderful thing!! [07/16]

Amanda C: Ahhh... I feel like I am doing everything I can! Crap! [07/16]

Amanda C: Going camping.... wish me luck... [07/11]

Amanda C: Marisol- You go girl! [07/10]

Marisol S: Corona light and low fat potato chips, here I come! [07/10]

Laine B: Hovering precariously over the blue line!! 47 days left!! I can guarantee that when it gets to be around 30 days before the cruise I am going to get UBER SERIOUS!! More water...less KFC!! [07/10]

Amanda C: Yippee I am at my lowest! I see you blue line and I am come'n to get ya! [07/09]

Laine B: Just one more thing....We are going camping this weekend...If the Vegas Showgirls could PLEASE give me some tips to survive without another 3 pound surge I would appreciate it!! And drinking WHILE hiking/biking etc is NOT an option!! Thanks! [07/08]

Laine B: Can I just say...MOOOOOOOO!! [07/08]

Amanda C: I was sooo bad last night and ate 2 hot dogs of all things. What was I thinking? I cannot get on the scale today! Tomorrow will be a better! [07/08]

Laine B: Marisol!! By the look of your graph it would seem that your body know exactly how much it wants to weigh! You look sensational!! [07/07]

Laine B: I am trying so hard to not get discouraged!! But honestly I haven't been putting forth much of an effort! I made some amazing French Toast Sunday morning!! I could SEE the carbs oozing from it! I think when it gets closer to cruise time I will get more motivated! [07/07]

Rob B: OK, I haven't logged in for a while, so sue me....or better yet feed me!!! I'm so hungry.....but I look horrible in a two piece, so I guess I had better pick it up!!! Ha, ha!!! [07/06]

Laine B: Happy 4th of "lets eat and drink as much as humanly possible in a 24 hour period!!" Oh...And Blow Stuff Up!! So I changed my goal weight by just a couple of pounds! I know! I know! But the pizza I ate last night set me back! 50 days until my cruise! Guess I'll go back to eating in a bikini all the time! Can't lie to myself naked!! [07/04]

Amanda C: At least I am somewhat parallel to the line... [07/04]

Laine B: Hmmmm...No offense to the Vegas Showgirls but I think Camping is killing you guys!! Although the Chilli Cheese Dog I devoured last night isn't helping my quest either!! [07/02]

Laine B: my week off is really killing me!! Grrrrr!! Our cruise is like 50 days away and at this rate, they might not let me on the ship!! But as much as I'd like to just GIVE UP, I REFUSE TO LOSE!! [07/02]

Amanda C: Ate a Costco hot dog yesterday.... that didn't help! I guess that means off to the gym today. [06/30]

Amanda C: Trying to hold steady over the weekend.... I usally blow it! [06/28]

Amanda C: Where is Rob? It has been over a week since you loged in! [06/27]

Laine B: Hey!! Nice work Amanda!! [06/26]

Laine B: This is so dismal!! I knew something was wrong with that frickin' scale!! What a way to set me up!! I think that Eddie rigged the scale!! What the heck!! Oh well!! I will seriously have a goal to hit now!! Grrrrrrrr!! [06/26]

Amanda C: I seem to be the slacker... [06/25]

Laine B: P.S. I'M IN FIRST PLACE!! [06/24]

Laine B: I KNOW! I KNOW!! I used the scale at work....moved it around 3 times, weighed myself three times and this was the average!! I hope no one is messing with me!! All that from being carb aware. Although I had a dream last night that I ate a huge plate of baked ziti!! Hey Eddie? Where should these clowns take us for dinner??? [06/24]

Laine B: THIS IS WEIGHT WATCHERS!! We are all watching each others weight rise and fall....rise and fall!! [06/23]

Amanda C: Ok... I am vowing to be on track this week. Going to the gym tomorrow. Maybe I should join weight watchers. [06/23]

Laine B: Slow and Steady Wins the Race!! Its either that or I'm back to my Tab, Cigarette and Laxative Diet!! I'm just Kidding!! [06/23]

Laine B: Slowly, slowly creeping to the blue. How I long to see the view from below. [06/22]

Laine B: On the other hand...Maybe Las Vegas Holly could hold a weight-loss seminar!! She Rocks!! Congrats!! [06/21]

Laine B: Hello Blue Line!! It's been awhile! How I've missed you! NOT! Wonder if the McDonalds last night had anything to do with it. Eddie has me inspired! Guess its time to get SERIOUS!!! I'm calling Dr. Atkins!...Is he still alive? [06/21]

Laine B: So...Amanda...Whats up? [06/20]

Laine B: All Right Boys and Girls!! The world is watching!! It is time for us to "Belly Up" and get to work!! I was just about to give it up, strip and prance in the Mall!! I have been remotivated!! Let's do this thing!! [06/20]

Laine B: I am so dismally depressed with my weight surge that I am not weighing in for a week!! My cruise is 67 days away!! You guys gotta get in on this and use the message board!! [06/20]

eddie l: This is killing me all i want to do is eat. [06/20]

Marisol S: Eddie, Stop IT NOW! [06/19]

Laine B: I refuse to weigh in until I can get my fat ass to the point where I'm not humiliating myself anymore!! Is there a Saltaholics Anonymous Meeting being held today!! [06/19]

Laine B: ROCK ON EDDIE!! I'm going to bring in a huge plate of chewy, gooey, yummy, fudgy brownies tomorrow!! All For YOU@@ [06/18]

Laine B: Good Lord!! I don't even have a uterus to blame this dismal 3 pound weight gain on!! Maybe it was the constant boozing over the past 7 days! Huh. Crap. What now!!??? [06/18]

Amanda C: I give up!... I am just going to buy you all dinner now. [06/16]

Amanda C: Wow Laine!... you need to stay away from the laxitives! [06/12]

Laine B: I was soooo bad last night!! I was good all day and then I got home and had a glass of Merlot and a Charelston Chew...Really yummy together! Now I have 7 days off...can't wait to see how far over the blue line my red dot will be!! Wish me luck!! [06/10]

Amanda C: I seem to eat bad things on the weekend. [06/09]

Laine B: I'm not even kidding!! This is epic!! Gotta love that Atkins! And yes Marisol you get credit for having your period! CONGRATS!! [06/09]

Marisol S: Can you get credit for having your menstrual period? [06/08]

Marisol S: Carb Queen is Back!! Rockin' the Blue Line!! [06/08]

Laine B: OK...I'm getting serious now! I love my Atkins all Bacon Plan!! [06/08]

Laine B: P.S. Eddie....I hate you. [06/07]

Laine B: So Here's my NEW plan!! Eat dinner naked!! When you are actually seeing all the lumps and rolls and cottage cheese-like cellulite, one more serviing of whatever suddenly doesn't look so good. Trust me on this one!! [06/07]

Amanda C: Thanks for all the support! :-) [06/07]

Laine B: Back under the blue!! A long way to go but I love how even the tiniest change looks so awesome on this graph!! Keep up the good work! Eddie is rocking the house!! What a motivator!! [06/06]

Marisol S: uhhh. Heavy!! [06/05]

Amanda C: Well, that sucks... no change. I even ate "all healthy" yesterday. I think I need to hit the gym after work. [06/05]

Amanda C: Day one.... what should I eat today??? I like the whoever doesn't meet the goal idea! [06/04]

Laine B: over the blue line....sick and wrong! [06/04]

Laine B: OMG!! Look what 4 days of buffets in Reno did to my fat ass!! But sooo yummy!! I have some catching up to do!! [06/04]

Marisol S: I can't stop eating potato chips and coronas!! Help!!! Naked? Where? [05/29]

Laine B: Do whatcha gotta do!! I like the way this system measures your progress....11% seems like a ton!! I'm sure there will be long stretches that I can't weigh in! Watch Out!! Eddie and I are neck and neck!! [05/27]

Rob B: Don't get frustrated if you only see me weigh in once a week. I'm back at WW and it's their way. They don't want us to weigh daily. Sorry if that bothers anyone, but it works for me. [05/27]

Laine B: So I weighed myself first thing this morning, after I peed, took off my badge and scissors, took the pen out of my pocked and exhaled. I am not officially "dieting" until after we get back from Reno....Thought it would be fun to do a before and after the buffets and cocktails!! [05/27]

Laine B: Don't forget!! The success of this depends on frequent weigh-ins (Be Honest), a Big dose of harrassment and joking, and yelling at me when you see me with a bag of Fritos at 0900! Thanks!! [05/26]

Laine B: I'v invited Steph to join...Guess I should have warned her before I sent the e-mail...It sort of came out of the blue...Some friend I am!! [05/26]

Rob B: Loser serves dinner naked??? LOL!!! Dinner sounds good. Don't think they make enough Reglan for everyone at the mall if I lose though. [05/26]

Laine B: How does the wager sound Rob? Naked Mall walking or dinner? [05/26]

Rob B: Um, this is all great.....but what's the bet ladies????? [05/26]

Laine B: Jump on board here kids!! If you have any ideas of what our wager could be....Let Me Know!! Whoever does not meet goal with have to submit to the punishment!! [05/26]

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