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Fatclub - WDTAFC

Start Date: 5/27/2009
End Date: 9/29/2009
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
First Rule of FatClub, We don't talk about FatClub......... The bet is to find the ultimate Weight loss guru in IT. The last five finishers on percentage will fund and cater a BBQ at Telopea park on or around the last day of Fatbet. This will include Salads for the bottom 5 and various meats for the remainder. The losers must also pay for a couple of slabs of piss, (low carb of course). Losers may only eat salad at this BBQ. The Winner will receive the Fatclub Tropy presented by the head of IT (H.B) The Loser... must organise the trophy for the winner. Rules: No Voluntary amputations, No Voluntary Vomitting, No Voluntary mass hair removal, No narcotic drug use (during the fatbet, it is a appetite depressent) All Weigh-ins are clothed (what is seen cannot be unseen) More rules: No spiking peoples coffee with Imodium (any more) No laxatives at any stage( I am talking to you Harvey). Limit of one colonic irrigation during the fatbet.(So Mick you cannot have another one.)
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Steve M3.09109/29
Matt B4.78809/28
David G8.17709/28
Craig H18.75809/22
Jeff G21.65709/28
Brett G14.55209/28
Greg L16.14509/06
Darren C8.24309/01
Michael M30.33709/22
Nick P31.03309/01
James H16.52508/02
Nigel M49.01509/24
Dan S46.0409/15
peter p50.0407/14
Message Board
Matt B: Thanks everyone, thanks fatbet - it was fun and rewarding! [09/28]

David G: I must have been retaining water from my holiday [09/27]

Craig H: That's the sound of the blue line wooshing by - in the wrong direction! [09/22]

Matt B: Finally! I've weighed in under 100kg, but not by much -99.9! I don't think I've been under 100 since the 90's. [09/15]

Matt B: Food I miss the most: Mars Bars [09/13]

Brett G: I'm back as a BBQ guest, rather than servant! [09/02]

Nick P: thinking slim and losing to win... Drink more water people... [09/01]

David G: Now that I am skinny, I completely agree, fat people are dumb. Its on the internet, it must be true. [08/27]

Matt B: As if you needed another reason to get and stay in shape, a new study has concluded that obese and overweight people have "significantly less" brain tissue than persons who are of normal weight. [08/26]

Dan S: ... And I'm back to where I started... ... I'll have a sign on my desk soon "Place your orders here" What's the old saying, you can't help soneone who doesn't want help. Well, at least I'm making you guys feel good :-) [08/25]

Craig H: Must ... get ... back ... on ... wagon! [08/24]

Jeff G: I am over halfway now just 20 odd pounds to go [08/19]

Matt B: I'm nearly at the 100kg mark. Should hit it soon! [08/18]

Nick P: Goodbye 1.6kg! [08/16]

Craig H: Congrats Matt! Now be warned if you're thinking of beating me up or trying to intimidate me - I fight dirty! [08/08]

Matt B: Had an assessment at the gym today. In addition to the weight I have lost I have also gained 3.5kg in muscle! [08/07]

Matt B: I agree Nick, you should change it. I think 40 pounds is a fair target. [08/04]

Nick P: I think I may need to change my weight target, 70 pounds in 61 days is a bit steep! [07/30]

David G: As I further climb the ladder, I think of Darren eating fried chicken and all you other fatties eating Smiths Crisps...... (yes we are looking for sponsors) [07/30]

Michael M: This weight loss thing is going exactly as planned.....Steady loss and go for the kill in the last 8 weeks. I think the leaders will start giving into temptation and the hard players will start showing their skills [07/28]

Matt B: Craig, would you like some donuts with that stress? [07/28]

Craig H: D'oh, clearly haven't kicked my stress-eating habit. [07/28]

David G: Yeah baby..... [07/24]

Matt B: I have observed that since starting the fat bet I am producing much healthier stools, and less often. Anyone else? [07/23]

Greg L: Now that I've started to throw things away that I have dropped on the toilet room floor (..its a new "heath kick" thing that explains a few of the rashs...) I've found that the gastro has calmed down and as a side effect I'm not loosing as much weight...looks like I might need to start excercising now .....bugger it [07/19]

Craig H: Matt - you don't need scales, just enter random numbers like I do, it's how I'm 'winning'! [07/19]

Steve M: Celebrating with Michelle on her birthday and then on the birthday dinner has seen me flatline and get above the blue line for the first time. I'd better get busy this week and make up for it! [07/19]

Brett G: Looks like I'm off BBQ duties, at least for the time being... [07/18]

Matt B: Does anyone have a spare set of scales? Mine have been here for a while, wouldn't mind having them back at home. [07/14]

Nigel M: I may have given the blue line to much of a head start [07/14]

Michael M: hmmm......this gig is not going as planned [07/14]

David G: I am stagnating.... time to take the treadmill into the sauna. [07/14]

Matt B: Time to cut down on strength and do more cardio! [07/12]

Matt B: Looks like I've put on some more muscle. [07/12]

Steve M: Just to be clear that's 12 days out of 14 - six trips on the one day doesn't count ;-) [07/09]

Steve M: If Matt goes to the gym 12 times in the next 14 days and does a one hour workout each time he'll deserve bowing to! [07/09]

Steve M: Go Greg way to recover from a plateau! [07/09]

Matt B: Steve has challenged me to workout at the gym 12 times in the next 14 days. If I do he will get on floor and bow to me. I accept the challenge! [07/08]

Nigel M: bending the line to my will. Down line, down! That blue line seems a long way off still [07/08]

Matt B: I need one of those big wide belts for my new muscles [07/08]

Dan S: I need a new belt too Dave!.... I *Should* be missing cheese! [07/07]

Dan S: ... Faaaaarrrrrrk ... [07/07]

Craig H: Hhhm big feed of Thai takeaway and Tim Tams not so good the night before a weigh in! [07/07]

David G: Good news, I need a new belt..... I miss cheese [07/07]

Nick P: Thanks Craig, looks like my dinner of cheese and wine is paying off... [07/02]

Craig H: Base on angle of the graph, Nick is going to vanish into thin air in about 3 weeks! Good work newcomer. [07/01]

Nigel M: Arrested the upward trend on the graph, now to bend it towards the blue line. Stay tuned!! [06/30]

Matt B: I'm getting close to the blue line. Must be all my extra muscle. [06/30]

David G: I am coming around to pumpkin soup.... [06/30]

Nigel M: ah yes - graph going north. I think you have all had enough of a head start. Bottom 5 Turtles are about to kick into gear. [06/23]

Michael M: hmmmm.....just below the line.....didn't lose anything..remained the same....terrible performance...Some serious turnaround due next week. Watch this space. [06/23]

David G: All you rabbits, just wait for this big (fat) tortoise. [06/18]

Matt B: Dave's been very quiet, must be busy eating. [06/16]

Craig H: Woohoo, look at that blubber fly (off)! [06/16]

peter p: still above the line and still at the bottom of the latter but a move in the right direction this week with 2kg less on the weight in from last week. finally some results that wont shame me. [06/16]

Nigel M: to all those below the target line on there graph - nice work! I've slipped back above the line this week. Spagetti on Saturday night was my undoing, but it was so nice. Don't you all want some pasta tonight....go know you want too [06/16]

Dan S: 3rd last place... No so good. Need to stop those late night snacks. Mmmm... Late night snacks... [06/16]

Michael M: Hmmmm....weight loss was only .7 of a kg this week......guess the turkish pizza's didn't help.....mental note for next week [06/16]

peter p: 2 weeks in and I have gained weight again. All of a sudden I dont like this competition. I hope those scales have good news for me next week. [06/09]

Matt B: Hmm, should I eat my lunch now or after the weigh in.. [06/09]

Darren C: What's on the BBQ menu... Looking forward to a good steak... Check out who's 2nd... What a difference a week makes or dodgy home scales... [06/09]

Michael M: Despite the 15 bourbons on Saturday night, still managed to lose 3 pounds and put myself into a healthy second place. Lucky I had diet coke with those bourbons :-) [06/09]

Jeff G: Number one again thanks to getting sick....Yes the Sick Diet works [06/04]

Matt B: Had a moment of weakness this morning - McDonalds for breakfast. [06/04]

Matt B: Yeah! Number 1! [06/03]

Michael M: Thats the way......push yourself down the list DG, make me a happy 2nd [06/02]

Michael M: Around 5 pounds a week for the next 5 weeks would be just fine. [06/02]

David G: My bathroom scales are out.... piece of shit. [06/02]

Michael M: The Comms Boy moves to 3rd spot [06/02]

Jeff G: No water fillups this week so as planned I am out in front [06/02]

Craig H: [06/02]

Craig H: This woman got hypnosis to think she had received lap band surgey. Can we do that? [06/02]

David G: Let me just say, Mick C has consumed Macca's twice and Colonel once since we started. And whoever mailed me that chocolate bar had better be able to run fast..... I love that white chocolate. [06/02]

Craig H: If you have KFC and nobody knows about it, it can't be bad for you hey? [05/31]

David G: Craig, I think you need to change your name from Harvey to Hungry... Craig Hungry is a much better name... [05/28]

Nigel M: The peoples ideal weight has a target for me, that i havent been near this century. Only 73.8 lbs to go! This is going to be simple! [05/28]

David G: I am in the lead already.... Looking forward to the BBQ... [05/28]

Jeff G: For those who are struggling already [05/27]

Craig H: I took one for the team and judged the social club morning tea cook-off. [05/27]

David G: Mike, Go each some cheese... it will do you good. Make you strong an healthy. Follow it up maybe with whole roast chicken. [05/27]

Michael M: So damn Hungry !!! [05/27]

David G: Right you fat mothers.... lets make our social club broke. [05/27]

Jeff G: For Sale 50 pounds of Lard [05/27]

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