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Fatbet Support FAQ

How can I change my start weight?

If you guessed at your beginning weight or for some other reason (like you're a Big Fat Cheater) you need to adjust it later:
  1. Select My Weight History below the word View near the top of the screen.
  2. Use the date drop-down list to select your bet's Start Date
  3. Type in your correct weight and click the Enter button.
How can I delete a bet?

While you can't delete a bet from the system, the person who created the bet can make it expire immediately by following these steps:
  1. Click Edit Fatbet, which is next to the title of your Fatbet.
  2. Enter yesterday's date in the Fatbet End Date text box.
  3. Click the Submit button.
The words Fatbet over! will now appear in red next to the title of the Fatbet, and a small "x" appears next to the bet name in the Fatbet dropdown list, indicating that this Fatbet has expired. Only the person who created the Fatbet can make the bet expire early. This person's email address is shown on the Edit Fatbet page.

How can I change my goal weight?

If you have a legitimate reason to adjust your personal goal weight up or down (usually before the bet is underway):
  1. Click Edit Fatbet, which is next to the title of your Fatbet.
  2. Enter your new goal in the Your Target Weight text box.
  3. Click the Submit button.
Your new goal will now be reflected in the Leader Board table and in your progress chart. If you have cheated, you may burn for eternity in Hell.

Can I track my weight in kilograms instead of lbs?

Yes. If you squint hard while looking at the screen, lbs. will blur and you can imagine it reads kgs. Use this same imagination technique with any units of mass you prefer--stones, tons, troy ounces, etc.--or in other aspects of your life. Seriously, the system should track correctly regardless of the units you enter.

Why are Fatbet names limited to 20 characters?

Because BrevityIsTheSoulOfWi ...dammit!

Is there any way to share an active Fatbet aside from being featured on the site?

Yes. Click the Let others watch link below Days Left and select one of the sharing options: add a link to your Fatbet on Facebook, email a viewing link, or copy and paste the link to your blog, website, or wherever.

Contact us with your other support questions.
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