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The Ron and Don Show Fatbet as heard on 710 KIRO Radio in Seattle. You can view before pictures of Katie, Josh, and Ron on the show's blog here

OK. These guys screwed up this Fatbet and failed miserably. Here's why:
  • All well-adjusted, secure, people - not motivated to lose weight to improve their appearance
  • All are healthy - not motivated to lose weight to improve their health (a heart attack would help here)
  • Fatbet Wager NOT motivating. Day at the farm, clean house, oil change?! How likely are any of these to happen anyway?
The whole point of is to sign up for something that you REALLY DO NOT WANT TO LOSE. If 5K were on the line, they would all have succeeded.
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Ron And Don

Start Date: 4/29/2008
End Date: 6/17/2008
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Ron Wins A Day Of Farm Labor From Each Loser. Clean Josh's house. Katie 3 oil changes.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Josh K4.07306/17
ron u6.06006/16
Katie S9.23905/28
Message Board
Josh K: Ok, so I didn't make it but I made a good effort. Amazing what a couple of good evacuations can do for weight loss!!! [06/17]

Josh K: Hey guys...look what happened all of a sudden. I got sloppy and suddenly the race is wide open again [06/10]

Josh K: All I need is one good dump and this sucker is MINE! [05/28]

Katie S: Ron has totally hit a plateau [05/19]

Katie S: I'm rerocking the fatbet! [05/19]

Katie S: ugg--I made a big 'ol jump up. I feel like a fatso. I blame the muffin. Upshaw cheats anyway--this thing is rigged. [05/12]

Josh K: Ron is a big fat liar...where as I am just big and fat! [05/05]

Katie S: I'm rocking this fatbet! Ya'l better start reading up on the Toyota Tacoma, suckers! [05/05]

Katie S: Practice what you preach, bro! [05/02]

Josh K: Hey Ron, NO COLONICS!!! [05/01]

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