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Phil McCrackling

Start Date: 11/11/2015
End Date: 2/12/2016
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Dinner at Lark. Loser(s) pay. Winner(s) pick wine.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Tim H-5.613702/12
Rob L-1.011002/12
John D-0.210102/12
Adam O0.010002/12
Chris G28.9412/07
Message Board
Adam O: Chris has until midnight to log his final weight. [02/12]

Tim H: Wow! Nice work team! Adam and (especially) John - I'm impressed with your brinksmanship... Clearly you are both seasoned fat bet veterans able to operate on razor thin margins and draw graphs that plunge steeper than the Chinese stock market. Rob - way to get 'er done! Pretty sure the 5:30 wake ups were a steep price to pay... But hey, whatever it takes right? [02/12]

Rob L: Have Chris write us a check. He probably doesn't deserve to have dinner with us. Adam - we may need a screening process in the future. [02/12]

Rob L: Nice work. [02/12]

Adam O: Had to remove watch and glasses to make weight. [02/12]

John D: 26 lbs. since Thanksgiving. Thanks for the motivation, gents! [02/12]

John D: We're talking 20w50 for sure! [02/11]

Adam O: Nice job John. What do you estimate the SAE viscosity rating for your urine would be? [02/11]

John D: Oh my, was right on the button this AM after a 7-miler from my house around Greenlake. Another 20 hours of good choices and I'm there. Tim, you and I together will have lost the weight of a small Australian Shepherd. [02/11]

Rob L: Thanks. What was once an easy work out regimen has become less easy as a 50+ year old cyclic exerciser. Has anyone clicked on the banana - I stand fearful. [02/10]

Tim H: Almost there John, stay on target, stay on target.... Rob - you are an animal. [02/10]

John D: Time for one last push. If I make it, it's going to be tight. Good work on the fitness regimen, Rob! [02/10]

Rob L: 7 miles on Saturday, 6 on Monday and a 1 mile swim this morning. I am tired. Margaret has us swimming on Tuesday and Friday mornings since early January - feels good. Although, we are a little grumpy at 5:30am. [02/09]

John D: Oh-oh. [02/09]

John D: Don't forget to enjoy lots of Super Bowl calories, gents! It only happens once a year, after all. [02/07]

Tim H: Whoops! Wrong input box... Captain space cadet at your service! [02/06]

Tim H: 162.2 [02/06]

John D: Smelling the blue line. [02/05]

John D: And I am in trouble... [02/02]

Adam O: Ok-- Rudolph's nose is officially in the end zone. No instant replay needed. (I am also in first place) [02/01]

John D: Tim, welcome to my world. [02/01]

Tim H: Accck! [02/01]

Adam O: Just like in football-- any part of the ball (dot) crossing any part of the line is a touchdown. [01/29]

John D: Congrats, Adam. Although zooming into 500% clearly shows that you have not actually touched the line with your weight line, but only the halo of the red dot is touching. If I were an NFL official, I would have no choice but to reverse your call. [01/29]

Adam O: Touching the blue for the first time in long while [01/28]

John D: Does anyone know of a sauna I can sleep in the night of Feb 11? [01/26]

Adam O: JD, I wouldn't count on Chris missing his goal-- he was looking pretty lean the last I saw him. [01/26]

Adam O: Is it me or are these lbs not coming off like they used to when I was a younger man? [01/26]

Rob L: seven mile run and resulting water weight loss put me under. [01/24]

John D: Adam, I'm a little surprised you're still able to lift your fingers to type. [01/24]

Adam O: JD, remember that online Schwab transfers take 2 days to post to your account. [01/21]

Rob L: Impressive push from Adam and John. Good luck. Tim - your skinny ass is going to get swept away in this rain. [01/21]

Adam O: John, apparently prosthetics work way better if you can maintain your knee joint. [01/20]

Adam O: Chris, I can't let you be overweight and dishonorable at the same time. [01/20]

Tim H: I blame the uptick on Adam... Will avoid until victory is certain. [01/19]

John D: Adam, I am seriously worried that Tim and Rob won't make this thing. Very bad recent trends. [01/19]

Chris G: Too late, Adam. I already welched. You can't "unwelch". That's not even a word. [01/18]

John D: Too competitive, Rob? No. But if I could do two-a-day workouts when I was rowing crew 35 years ago, I can certainly do them now. [01/17]

Adam O: I can't allow welching. Sorry. [01/16]

Rob L: John and Adam - this puts you on the solo loser hot seat. You could of course make a pact to both lose and share the financial ramifications. I am betting that you are both too competitive. [01/13]

Chris G: Guys -- I know it doesn't work this way, but I am dropping out of the bet. As in I am welching. As in "to welch". You can see from my chart I actually stopped back in early December. If desired, I can send you the rationale (via Adam, since I don't actually know any of you). I'm also willing to make a different bet which I will pre-pay (to prevent welching) if anyone wants to. [01/11]

Adam O: Similar to another old proverb: He who peaks gets pecked. [01/10]

John D: Mind this old proverb, Tim: Peak too soon, and the Lark sings for you. [01/10]

Adam O: A gentleman is never embarrassed, John (even if he loses a bet and has to pay for dinner at Lark and his uncouth friends order multiple $100 bottles of wine). [01/08]

John D: @Adam: nevertheless, highly embarrassing. [01/08]

Adam O: Yes- a Gentleman's Re-scale (<2 lbs). [01/07]

John D: That blue line looks a long ways off. Nice job re-scaling, Adam. Tim and Rob, I don't want to talk to you. [01/06]

Adam O: Living on 1500 cals per day [01/06]

Adam O: Too much cheese [01/05]

Tim H: Survived the holidays... [01/04]

John D: One week away for Xmas and at least did not gain 5-6 lbs. Still have a LONG way to go to meet this goal... [12/28]

John D: Tim, keep that live virus around. I may need you to come over and sneeze on me. [12/17]

Tim H: Stomach flu - it's a hell of a way to loose weight but it seems to be working. [12/16]

John D: It's never too early. Try a little protein powder in the martini or blend in some kale. Yum. [12/12]

Tim H: Get to take the hair shirt off for a brief moment... Is 9:15 am too early for a few dirty martinis? [12/12]

John D: Tim, I like your hair shirt no drinking policy--very austere, especially during the party season. Adam--are you thinking about re-scaling soon? [12/10]

Rob L: Looking forward to my waxing with Adam as I am clearly approaching bikini weight. [12/09]

Tim H: Hmmmm. This morning's weigh in was... Discouraging. Especially since I have a 'no booze above the blue line' policy in effect. Looks like there is a dry spell ahead of me boys. [12/09]

John D: Feel good about donating blood yesterday--not so much about the recipients, only that it's inching me closer to the thin blue line. [12/09]

John D: Tim is quietly getting it done. I kick-started my suffering this past week and dropped 8 lbs. I fear the Lark. [12/07]

Adam O: You might want to set a beet marker to be sure. [12/03]

John D: Thanks for that vote of confidence, Adam. Is it too much information to note I'm confident I've passed nearly all of my Thanksgiving meal? [12/02]

Adam O: Take note of what John is doing- he is gaining weight in order to rescale his graph and flatten his blue line thereby making his goal easier to acheive. Pure genius. [12/01]

Chris G: I know from experience that more than 4 gravy martinis a day can lead to weight gain. [12/01]

Adam O: My doctor says 6 or fewer dirty gravy martinis per week is considered healthy [12/01]

John D: How many calories does a martini glass full of turkey gravy have? Not looking too good, fellas. [11/30]

Chris G: Wait a minute. A Big Mac only has 390 calories. That means I can eat about 4-5 per day and still lose weight. [11/29]

Adam O: Tim, instead of sabotaging others, try losing weight. [11/24]

Tim H: Just a quick fact check on Adam's claim that vodka has no calories.... FALSE You're looking at 65 calories per shot boys - 130 calories per martini (if, like a desperate savage, you skip the olives). Be warned, 3 martinis (ahem) contain the calorie count of a Big Mac. I guess I may have to skip dinner tonight. [11/23]

Rob L: Anyone who doesn't gain 4lbs on Thursday is not an American. [11/23]

Tim H: Hmmm... Apparently two pizza parties in 1 week is a bad thing. I am starting to feel some fear... Fear of the austere reality of 'no booze above the blue line' [11/23]

Adam O: Big weekend for Tim H. [11/23]

John D: Chris, if thqt lunch choice predicament rises again, just do what I do: eat both options. [11/21]

Adam O: As a gesture of good will, I will be sharing one weight loss secret with you boys every week. Week 1: Vodka contains no calories. [11/18]

Chris G: I am in the lead today! Must be the 3 cans of tuna I had for lunch yesterday (seriously). [11/18]

Chris G: Deciding on my lunch choice: tomato and cottage cheese, or home made extra cheesey and sausagey lasagna. Advice? [11/17]

Adam O: Rescaling your graph is a school boy error (and considered tacky as well) [11/17]

John D: You guys did say this bet was to gain 20 lbs, right? [11/17]

Tim H: Step 1: pee Step 2: weigh in [11/16]

Adam O: I am afraid you will die of a heart attack before you can buy us dinner [11/14]

Chris G: An addendum to yesterday. Late in the evening, I ate a fair amount of buttery, salty popcorn, and about a half pint of Molly Moons. Yet I am still down about 1 lb today. Be afraid -- be very afraid. [11/14]

Chris G: I ate at 5 Guys for lunch. Had Pagliacci's for dinner (Brooklyn Bridge). Washed it down with wine AND beer. Are you intimidated yet??? [11/13]

John D: Adam throws down the gauntlet on day 2. Did you just take off your jacket or something? [11/13]

Chris G: I am already 1% of the way to my goal. Look out! [11/13]

Chris G: I should probably lose about 70 lbs, but 50 sounded more reasonable so I am going to shoot for 30 in hopes that I might lose 15. [11/13]

Tim H: I'm in. Pretty confident I need another holiday season squeeze, let the fun begin! [11/12]

John D: yes, and a walk-in freezer just for the ice cream. [11/12]

Adam O: did you get one of those mini-fridge nightstands? [11/11]

John D: I'm going for the big 2-0 on this one. Too much quality time with the frig. over past few months. [11/11]

Adam O: You might be tempted to start in Jan but it's risky. [11/11]

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