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Two chair-bound and sweet-addled computer programmers need to get thin in time for a trip to the Eclipse Festival on the Japanese island of Amami Oshima. This will hopefully prevent all the japanese girls from confusing them with Godzilla and then screaming, pointing and running away. [3/16]
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Battle of Trafalgar

Start Date: 3/11/2009
End Date: 7/10/2009
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The doggedly lardish of us will have to run around Trafalgar Square in their underpants on a saturday afternoon waving pizza slices in the air and shouting 'I love being fat'. Possibly while wearing flippers. And a pickelhaube.
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 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Iain C18.05906/06
Paul A23.02304/19
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Iain C: 19 lbs to go in 34 days, can our over encumbered hero do it or will he fall foul to the flab as has his apparently weak willed compatriot? To find out stay tuned! [06/06]

Iain C: Went on holiday back home to the see the folks for a week or so. Maternal cooking is a fat boys worst enemy. Got back last weekend and have been flat all week despite laying off the cakes. After very nearly ordering pizza last night held firm rewarded with a steep drop this morning. Going to the cinema later, where I will do battle with the sweet counter and try and avoid succumbing to the devilishness Triple Core Fudge Sundae. [06/06]

Iain C: ...and fatty number 1 pulls ahead as they enter the final stretch... [05/21]

Iain C: It's Saturday and I've finally recovered from flipping up last weekend - 4 nights of eating out in a row really pushed it up way back up. [05/02]

Iain C: Okay really in need of a belt now. Trousers are getting baggy enough that I'm starting to look like a homeless person. [04/23]

Iain C: My calculations seem to indicate there are in the region of 3000-3500 calories in a bottle of Baileys. Given that, us each drinking 2 bottles on Sunday (in addition to the pints of cider, bitter and all that Gin you had) may explain why the graphs are looking a little Off Plan. [04/17]

Paul A: Interesting, no? A fascinating insight into the natural lifecycle of the lardspike. 'Want to lose six pounds in four days? No need for fancy diets! Just stuff yourself silly, then stop.' [04/11]

Iain C: You are down like a rocket! What are you doing, have you been donating organs or did you lose a limb? [04/09]

Paul A: Marlon Brando fat! The horror... the horror... [04/07]

Paul A: Lots of migraines, lots of lying down, lots of whatever food was within arm's reach, no exercise. I fear the scales. I fear I may eat them. [04/07]

Iain C: The guys at work are being very ... helpful. They are constantly threatening me with the notion of video my exposed pink, flabby belly and bingo wings stomping around Trafalgar Square being uploaded to YouTube. The sweat from the fear this alone is inducing is responsible for the loss of at least a couple of lbs. [04/03]

Iain C: Uh-oh! Emergency Intervention Required! [04/03]

Paul A: DOH! That's what I get for celebrating my graduation with a gigantic pie pie. Panic stations! [04/02]

Paul A: Buttontastic! Go man go! We'll be on the paris catwalks by summer. [03/25]

Iain C: Today I did up the buttons on my coat for the first time in 9 years. In other news, it's time I bought a new coat. [03/25]

Iain C: Broken through the barrier in style! Had to weigh myself 5 times to confirm it. Lookout Ghandi, I'm gunning for YOU [03/25]

Iain C: After a great looking personal graph in the last month I have reach a plateau, same weight for over a week now. Partly down to eating a bit more (after dropping ~ 20 lbs in month needed it), but also body behaving differently. Must exercise, gah! [03/24]

Paul A: Epic weekend diet fail. Note to self: never ever bloody anything ever. [03/23]

Paul A: Thank fudge for that. If I'd got any heavier I would have seriously have had to consider lopping bits off. [03/18]

Paul A: I can only assume I've been eating antimatter all my life, because the less I eat, the more my weight goes up. [03/17]

Paul A: Pies lead to the lard side. [03/17]

Paul A: Hunger leads to pies [03/17]

Paul A: Fear leads to hunger [03/17]

Paul A: But be mindful young padawan: [03/17]

Paul A: And rightly so. [03/17]

Iain C: I have a bad feeling about this. I am afraid :-( [03/17]

Paul A: We are featured! [03/17]

Paul A: I'm not biting you, you're not low calorie. I'm on a diet. Did I mention I'm on a diet? It's the new 'weight loss through blind panic' diet, so called because... [03/17]

Iain C: BITE ME FAT BOI! I r teh winnings! Except I am going to the pub tonight, arg! Drinking double Vodka and Slimline Tonic's (for diet purposes), that's 170 calories a round. On the plus side I will get drunk easily what with all the dieting. Hopefully I will not get so drunk I end up eating Cornish pasties (as per usual). [03/17]

Iain C: Mixed here too, lost two pounds then gained two pounds. Scales were all over the place this morning. Opted to record the highest, and most consistent, of 3 different readings. [03/16]

Paul A: A mixed weekend. Too much tempura but lots of Guitar Hero. Rock! (the music, not the sweet) [03/15]

Iain C: Weightbot, an iPhone app which I have been tracking my weight loss on for a month now, shows me as on course to reach my target by around June 10th - which should hopefully give me enough slack to reach it by July 10th without resorting to donating organs. [03/13]

Paul A: Damnable typos! 'The fingers you have used to type are too fat. To order a special typing wand, please mash the keyboard with your palm now.' [03/13]

Paul A: We have nothing to worry about anyway. I found an expert pickelhaubier in Godalming who said he would do us two for the price of one in we wear a sandwich board. There won't be anything on the board, he was just visibly nauseated by the entire idea and decided to act for the common good. Worried about his tourist income no doubt, the big cynic. Has he no faith in us?Mmm sandwiches... [03/13]

Iain C: Relief, yesterday was just a blip up, and it has blipped down again rather drastically. Seems to do that about once a week. [03/13]

Iain C: (I am fairly sure I will come to regret that) [03/12]

Iain C: I set a slightly higher goal for myself, on account of being significantly more lardy. [03/12]

Paul A: I really wish I hadn't done that. [03/11]

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