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Vegas Fat Asses

Start Date: 2/17/2010
End Date: 4/29/2010
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
massage in Vegas
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Stacey L4.46504/25
Jennifer S13.55604/29
Michelle P16.03704/24
Message Board
Jennifer S: Who's that lady? Who's that lady?...Lovely, lady...Who's that lady? lalalala... [04/29]

Michelle P: What ever smelly!! Ok I might have lost this bet but I will be a skinny ass by summer so all you bitches can look at me and say who is that lady wow she is hot I want to be her. Oh I can't wait for tomorrow yipee Vegass here we come. [04/29]

Jennifer S: YEAH! .5 FINALLY, freakin' 2 weeks to lose a half pound. Now I am 148.5. How lame that it took 2 weeks for that. Grrrr...I decided not to eat the Atkins peanut butter cups anymore. I think that didn't help me at all and Man, they were giving BAD gas, like the kind of gas where you fart and can't even help it and it makes a loud noise and you have to worry if you shit yourself. I was getting something out of my car on the passenger side a couple of days ago, and ooops, one came out and it made a little squeak and someone was walking by. Don't know if they heard it but I hope not. I am still the Queen of Fatbet based on % of lbs. loss. Yes, Stacey, you can hold the title of % of goal, but I shall win the % of lbs. and the massage in Vegas HAHA. Bow down to your Queen tomorrow morning after I take my dump. [04/29]

Stacey L: Hi my name is Michelle and I smell bad. Hi my name is Jenny and I smell bad too. Hello, thou is Princess Stacey and I smell of lovely flowers. Thank you. [04/28]

Michelle P: What ever loser Stacey who has to eat beans 24/7 to make your ass shit out pounds of food... I'm Stacey's stomach wtf, I have had plenty of beans down here no more poop can come out you fuck nut. Please stop feeding me beans and cleansing my ass. It's cleansed enough already!!! WAAAAA [04/28]

Stacey L: wah wah im jenny and michelle and i complain like a baby. wipe my ass please..i just doo doo [04/28]

Jennifer S: I have heard about that. Is that the one you can only eat 500 calories a day and have to get injections? I may try to find vitamins with HCG in it. I never did my Fucoxanthin and hoodia and I am stuck at the same damn weight now for 2 weeks. 149...Poop. I am working out again tomorrow AM. Sucks to hit a plateu. I just need to work through it. I am not giving up this time. This last 14 lbs. is going to be a real bitch to lose. [04/28]

Michelle P: Guess what I'm doing when I get back from Vegass. The HCG diet. woot woot. [04/27]

Jennifer S: I am planning to lose tomorrow. I have been working hard and sick of this same weight for 2 weeks crap. HAHA. Did Sumit yoga at 5:30AM... [04/27]

Stacey L: me too. "swaety balls" rule [04/26]

Jennifer S: sweaty... [04/26]

Jennifer S: Can't wait for those swaety balls in Vegas. [04/26]

Jennifer S: PHHHHHH... [04/26]

Jennifer S: HAHAHAHA...Too bad our bet is based on % and not Fatbet you lose... [04/26]

Stacey L: OHHHHHHHHH SNAP BEACHTTTTTES!!!! LOOK WHO'S #1 AGAIN? Ahhh, all is right in thw the world once more...the birds sing...the clouds part. LALALLALAAAAAA!!! [04/25]

Stacey L: phhh, my graph just took a dump...YAHHHHHHH DUMPPPP [04/24]

Michelle P: Mines going limp. Limpy Limpy I don't want any hard ons no viagra for me please. [04/23]

Stacey L: you just made me giggle Jenny. Your graph does have a hard on. Mine just went limp and I LOVE a limp graph! [04/23]

Jennifer S: Penelopee Picklehole... [04/23]

Jennifer S: Dumb human body takes a week to lose a pound and only a day to gain a pound. Now that is fucked up. [04/23]

Jennifer S: My graph just got a hard on. [04/23]

Jennifer S: Well lookie here...I still have not lost any since 4/14...Maybe if I had a scale like Stacey's I might have lost .2...Still at 149. I got a little lax on my cardio last week. I am sure that is it because I have been eating really well. So, I did Jilliam Michaels again today and am hiking Pinnacle Peak tomorrow early am. Why does not anyone want to hike or do yoga with me? Do I live too far away? I wish I lived closer to you. WAHHHHHHH...My personal goal is to lose 2 more pounds before our trip so I'll be at 147 and then I will have 2-3 months to lose the last 12 lbs. I wonder if we will be able to write on here after 4/29? Parting with Fatbet will be such sweet sorrow...WE LOVE YOU FATBET!!! [04/23]

Stacey L: yep..jenny will be playing poker... [04/21]

Michelle P: Well I'm sick now and I have no appetite so that is a good thing since this fat ass has 17 pounds to lose. I will be a fat ass always. Jenny I will not be working out in Vegas and I will be you won't either loser... You will be at the poker table all the time..LOL [04/20]

Michelle P: Man Jenny you though a lot about all those names. I like Awseome Aroma Asses!! [04/20]

Stacey L: I vote for Rockin Round Rump,cause we know how to ROCK [04/20]

Jennifer S: Bad Bumpy Bottoms... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Dapper Diarhea Dumpers... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Crappy Crinkly Cracks... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Cheesy Chubby Cheeks... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Awesome Aroma Asses... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Beautiful Big Butts... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Rocking Round Rumps... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Phoenix Plump Buns... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Arizona Chunky Rears... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Looks like there might be 8 of us now. Let's be Ocean's 8 and take all of the money from Mandalay Bay. Hey, I still need to lose 14 lbs. so I will be working out in Vegas if anyone wants to join me. I am not quitting even though the date is almost here. May be need to do another Fatbet page after this ends. We can be Scottsdale Big Butts or something like that... [04/20]

Jennifer S: Who am I? "NO, you will drop the phone" :) [04/20]

Jennifer S: Oh, and nothing AGAIN today. So, Poop on a Platter. I can't wait for Vegas either! And my massage... :) Ooops, have I spoken too soon? [04/20]

Jennifer S: POOP ON A PLATTER...I love it. HAHA. [04/20]

Stacey L: Hey Michelle. I had places to go you know. It's not MY fault u weren't driving there fast enough. [04/20]

Michelle P: Hi I'm Stacey, I'm going to go open Michelle's car door 3 times while we are on the freeway.. DUH.... OMG I can't wait to go to Vegas even though I'm a fat ass I don't care I can't wait. [04/19]

Jennifer S: NOTHING AGAIN...Fart. [04/19]

Jennifer S: I'm bored.... [04/16]

Jennifer S: Wherever you go, there you are. [04/16]

Jennifer S: I think LMFAO is a funny quote...I mean Laughing my Fucking Ass Off. Is your ass really fucking? [04/16]

Jennifer S: Sucks for me...I will be on Aunt Flo in Vegas...The stupid bitch. HAHA...Yes, we need a night out. I am excited. [04/16]

Michelle P: Well I got my period this morning yipee so I know i'm retaining blood and water. So much fun!!! But the good thing is my jeans still fit so that made me happy. A little bit less stressed now so hopefully that will show in my weight. I have 13 more days until I weigh myself. Tonight will be fun can't wait I need to get out... [04/16]

Jennifer S: I meant yesterday...I have not worked out yet today. Does anyone want to hike Pinnacle Peak with me tomorrow morning? [04/16]

Jennifer S: Hi my buddies, nothing again today. POOP! And I even did pilates and walked 3 miles today. That is the nature of trying to lose weight...This is when I could get down but I won't. Congrats Stacey :) I wish my scale did increments like yours. Mine only does in .5 increments. I am excited for tonight. Shall be fun. [04/16]

Stacey L: 125.8....YES!!!! [04/16]

Michelle P: Duh duh duh poop poop poop [04/15]

Stacey L: duh. that's all i have in me today. duh. [04/15]

Michelle P: Well I worked my ass off today. I went to the gym and did the treadmill then I did a step class with a friend of mine now we didn't know it was advanced so that was a funny site to see. DUH [04/15]

Jennifer S: You are so right Michelle :) [04/15]

Jennifer S: Nothing today...Poop! [04/15]

Michelle P: LOL OMG I think I just pissed myself from laughing my ass off! Oh yes on facebook everyone thinks Stacey is this sweet and NORMAL person NOT they don't know the real Stacey with all the poop and butthole problems. LOL I actually dedicated something to you guys on facebook you will have to go look. Now back to your sex toys. Sometimes plastic and has batteries is much better then the real thing. You don't have to worry about the mess and the complaining about how short is was. [04/14]

Jennifer S: I look forward to logging onto Fatbet more than Facebook now just to see what you guys have to say. I am addicted to Fatbet... [04/14]

Jennifer S: Blame it on the butt crack... [04/14]

Jennifer S: You make me laugh Michelle. For fun...Let's pretent this is Facebook and put are real status comments (instead of the prim and proper ones all of our "friends" expect us to do) ie. Rather than saying Jennifer is "happy the weather is so beautiful outside. I think I will go on a hike". Mine today is "Jennifer is happy she bought sex toys so she can enjoy fucking plastic when she can't fuck the real thing". Oh my, I guess I must be on crack today...Actually, one of them you use with your partner called the We-Vibe. It is supposed to be great, but unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of trying it yet. But I will give my full review once I have done so...just kidding. Michelle, did you ever know I could be so crude? I think Stacey did, but man, this anonymous site makes me say everything I am thinking. HEE HEE...Could you imagine what I would be like if I were on crack right now? Thankfully I have never tried it and don't ever plan to. [04/14]

Michelle P: Oh man if anyone reads our comments I'm sure they would love to comment on our comments did I say comments I dont' know if I said that enough. [04/14]

Michelle P: OMG Jen can I have some of that crack you are taking please!! I sure could use it right now. I want your energy!!! Ok again to much information I don't want to know what kind of sex toys you got and how your are going to use them. It's like me telling you both well I have my period today and I'm going to use a new one playtax tampon. I'm going to shove it up my hoohaa and then pull out the plastick part and through it away then make sure I wash my bloody hands before I go and eat. How was that. [04/14]

Jennifer S: Just kidding...FARTODODOLEEDOOOOOOOO... [04/14]

Jennifer S: I shall shave my head before Vegas. [04/14]

Jennifer S: I am going wild and crazy before I turn 40. I am realizing life is too short to not enjoy it and I want to have fun while we are still young. Run Run Run Run Catch me if you can, you can't catch me, you can't catch me, because I am the Gingerbread Man... [04/14]

Jennifer S: You are not fat Michelle. You are a sexy woman so don't even say that at all! Stacey, who is the whinny baby??? haha...Now you want to change the rules because you are losing? I knew you had less to lose than us but we have to lose like 3 lbs. for your every 1 lb. and, if we did it the way you are proposing then I would have just made my goal like 10lbs. and then I would already be well over 100%...You naughty girl not happy, but you set the rules...Sorry...You sore loser...hahahahahaha. Oh it is fun to smack talk. I see why Stacey enjoys it so much when she is winning. Yes, I am full of energy. I have been seeing a life coach who is really helping me to be positive, etc. I also had some fun yesterday at a shop you can buy sex toys at. I have never owned a sex toy before. But now I own TWO...yayayayaya...This is fun to be so anonymous...Could you imagine posting all of our shit on Facebook? [04/14]

Michelle P: Ok throw, puke, vomit..... Whatever!!! I'm stuck and I can't stand it. I guess I'm the fat friend that everyone has.......... Blah blah blah...... [04/14]

Stacey L: it's "throw up" not "through up" [04/14]

Michelle P: Ok I just read a freakin book that Jenny wrote and listening to you both makes me want to go through up in the bathroom oh wait if that is the only way I can get rid of this shit then maybe I should go through up!!! No really I think I'm going to crank it up over the next 2 weeks. I definately won't get to my goal because I don't think I can loose 20 pounds in two weeks but I want to at least loose something. So both of you eat my poop please now!!! [04/14]

Michelle P: Shut the fuck up both of you!!!!!LOL [04/14]

Stacey L: BTW, i think it is not fair that i can't win this bet since i have less weight to lose, so i think we should do it how it is on this site...% of goal. that way i have a chance to win and still make my goal and so do u losers. what do u think? and no whiney babies blah blah. [04/14]

Stacey L: geez jenny. u just did a vocal throw up of everything in your brain. did u just have a caffeine overload or something? dammmm [04/14]

Jennifer S: We should create a BLOG called FAT ASSES after this... [04/14]

Jennifer S: I want to have a better body at 40 than I did at 30. Because of the kids, my tummy is a mess. When I get to 135 or lower, that is when I will schedule my tummy tuck and lift. Then I can start having sex in the light all of the time...HAHA. [04/14]

Jennifer S: HAHAHA...But we don't want her to complete the ASS picture... [04/14]

Jennifer S: Here is what I have been doing...If you really want to know...For breakfast, either an Atkins protein shake (most of the time), 2 hard boiled eggs with a cup of oj, or whole wheat english muffin with organic pb from Costco and a cup of oj, for lunch a lot of Chipolte (beans, meat, cheese, lettuce, salsa, even a little sour cream, but NO tortillas) or maybe a 6" chicken breast sandwich at Subway or a salad with chicken (mainly what I wanr, even the dressing so I don't go insane) anywhere...I am just staying away from the breads big time, but allow once in a while - maybe once a day, for dinner, grilled meat of any sort with veggies and mayce a little carb on the side, but again I am trying to limit carbs...I also make turkey chilli with the o% fat meat. The carbs have been a big thing I have cut out, but still allow a little...For a treat I eat jello pudding 60 calorie sugar free snacks (the banana fudge is my fav) or the Atkins peanut butter cups (YUMMY). For exercise, hike Pinnacle Peak once a week, Hot Yoga once a week, and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred or Windsor Pilates about 3 xs a week (both only 20 minutes but kick ass). Need something fast with kids and work. I was meaning to join a gym to do the treadmill but really haven't had to thus saving $. The Jillian Michaels Shred do little weights in it so I feel like I am getting toned too...but still may join a cheap gym to get cardio on the treadmill eventually. I am eating things I like, but just watching at the same time. It is easy when you like waht you eat. I also like omlettes with maybe cottage cheese and fruit. I eat as much fruit and veggies as I want. Even bananas (even though more carby, it is a natural food and is good for you). I am pretty satisfied. A couple of nights I skipped dinner if I wasn't starving and I try to finish eating before 7PM. I also am trying to do extra things like I went ice saking with the kids last weekend which I NEVER do...I hope that helps...I also have some vitamins from Hi-Heath (Fuco-Xanthine and Hoodia), but have actually not even started taking them yet...That is my last secret weapon I am hoping to start today...I just ran out of the Hoodia last time I was taking them so I just have the bottle as a reminder to buy them, but I keep forgetting to, but hoping that will help me get to my goal too once I add it. I want us all to do well even though we are in a contest...I am really trying harder than I ever had before. I am sick of being chunky. I am done with it. [04/14]

Stacey L: one more thing. I think Michelle's graph looks like it's forming an ass shape. Nice considering we r the Vegas fat asses. most creative. [04/14]

Stacey L: oh, and Jenny thanks for the lively lecture on poop. I didn't know if my poop was watery it is considered diareah? Gosh...fascinating. U learn new and exciting things everyday on this site. Jenny, u should have your own talk show. I would watch. BTW, my dinosaur teeth graph is going to eat your graphs. CHOMP. [04/14]

Stacey L: ohhh, i lost .2 pounds. word. [04/14]

Michelle P: Ok thanks for the visiual on your S-shape poop that made me feel real cozy inside. YUM YUM... Well I'm not weighing myself until the day before we go. I have been under a lot of stress lately so I"m sure that is why I haven't lost anymore. I'm trying to relax and not think about shit. Jenny that is great you are under 150's let me know how that is because I'm not I suck ass. Well I don't really suck ass and and hairy asses really don't sound to good so more for you my sista. [04/14]

Jennifer S: Stacey's graph looks like dinosaur teeth and Michelle's looks like a wave in the ocean when a child draws it. We should have a contest where we see who can gain weight the fastest too...I bet I could win that one. Although, there is no way in hell I want to ever go back there. Anyone want to join me at 5:30AM tomorrow to do Sumit Yoga? You can use one of my sessions. Problem is, it is a far drive and early, but if you want to go I will pay for your session. [04/14]

Jennifer S: My graph looks like an S-shaped poop. On Oprah, Dr. Oz said S-shaped poops are the best because your colon is shaped like an S and that means you are digesting food properly, where as if it is hard pebbles, you are constipated and if it is watery you have DIARHEA...Tip of the day for YOU! [04/14]

Jennifer S: I love hairy asses... [04/14]

Jennifer S: I tried to take a picture, but then the scale said 149.5 when I was holding the camera, so I am barely 149... [04/14]

Jennifer S: WOOT! don't you hate that word? but...WOOT! WOOT! 149 today...Yee...I am finally out of the 150s...Poop, Fart, Shit, Fuck, Dick, Dildo, Fag, Ass, Crap, Pee Pee, Mother Fucker, Gas, Armpit, Hairy Ass, Right on Hairy Ass!!! [04/14]

Michelle P: I love Stacey's graph that cracks me up. Mine is boring. [04/12]

Michelle P: Ok you both annoy me all the time so poop fart shit fuck dick and so on. We will figure it out for sure. Can we extend our end date to this summer on here? Stac you signed us up so you figure it out poop scooper. [04/12]

Stacey L: I thought we would do it by how Biggest Loser does it. So whatever your weight loss is (mine is 4 pounds so far) divided by your beginning weight (mine was 130 BTW), so mine is 3.08 %. Jenny would be 15/166 which is 9.04%. Michelle is 4.7%, so Jenny is winning. poop on her. make sense potty mouths? [04/12]

Jennifer S: WHO IS WINNING??? Am I annoying yet? I just like to type here because it is fun and entertaining... [04/12]

Jennifer S: You know...I am not sure how we tell who wins, because % of goal is not the same as % of body fat...Does anyone know how we figure this out? Like I am at 51.6 % of goal, but if my goal had been 150 lbs. I would be at 100% now, but that does not equate to % of body fat. Who is truly ahead right now? This site is cool, but not accurate if our bet is body fat and not total lbs. Lets figure that out before we get to the end. OK, I started at 166 and am now 150, so does that mean I lost 9.03% because I would divide 150 by 166? For you guys, I don't know you starting weights so I can not calculate your % lost. I only know your % to go...How do we do this??? [04/12]

Jennifer S: HAHAHAHAHAHA [04/12]

Jennifer S: Yee Haw...150!!! I am almost in the 140s...This is so fucking hard. It is fun to be a potty mouth. I agree with Michelle that we should stay on here after, although I don't know if it will let us because of the end date, but I know I will not make my goal as now we only have 2 1/2 weeks, which there is no way I can lose 15 lbs that fast since it took me a almost 2 months to lose the first 15 (which is easier anyhow). If I could get to 145 lbs. for the trip I would be happy but I am thinking I will be more like 147-148 at this rate. I do not plan to get my surgery until I am 135 lbs. which will probably take 2 or 3 more months. POOP!!! SHIT!!! FUCK!!! [04/12]

Michelle P: LOL, poop on you LOSER!!! [04/10]

Stacey L: You guys both have potty mouths. You will probably lose weight if u stop cussing. *said with condescending overtones* [04/10]

Michelle P: No shit, I'm sure anyone who reads this thinks we are all fucked up. Yes turning 40 makes you think about shit that you probably wouldn't of thought before. I think we should stay on this website even after our Vegas trip its way to fun. Also because I will probably not make my goal before hand so I want to get there sooner or later so and this site is very motivating. [04/09]

Jennifer S: I love this board...We can say whatever the hell we want and no one knows who we are...unlike Facebook. [04/09]

Jennifer S: Hey, what are we going to do in Vegas? I want to let loose. No bad girl here, but do you guys find that being 40 makes you more interested in sex than ever before? Or maybe it is just all of the crap I went through in February... [04/09]

Jennifer S: If men only knew...We look so prim and proper on the outside... [04/09]

Jennifer S: I want to see Hot Tub Time Machine again...That was funny...Sometimes I wonder if we are like guys...I mean I know we aren't but we do have a crude sense of humor for 40 year old women... [04/09]

Jennifer S: A body that farts is a body that is still alive... [04/09]

Jennifer S: Darn, no weight loss again today...Need to work out a lot this weekend. I am planning to get my tummy tuck and lift this summer. Hoping I will look better than I have the past 20 years when all is said and done. I used to not believe in plastic surgery but, what the hell, we only live once and mother time and having kids has not been kind... [04/09]

Jennifer S: I have a 15 lb. dick still. [04/09]

Michelle P: Yes I have a dick that is why I weigh more then you guys so get over it... [04/08]

Michelle P: OMG I think I just pissed my pants from laughing so hard!!! [04/08]


Jennifer S: Dang, no weight loss today...everyone can suck my dick too. HAHA. [04/08]

Jennifer S: Michelle, is there something you haven't told us? [04/08]

Jennifer S: Too many calories... [04/08]

Jennifer S: But, dick is not on the menu. [04/08]

Jennifer S: I like to suck dick. [04/08]

Stacey L: crap [04/08]

Michelle P: Ok that was a little harsh what said. Well not really you both suck. [04/08]

Michelle P: You both can suck my dick!!! I hate you both........ [04/07]

Jennifer S: I AM AT 50% OF MY GOAL :) [04/07]

Jennifer S: I meant I HAVEN'T weighed that since high school! I don't even know if my body is capable of 126.4... :( [04/07]

Jennifer S: Oh please...Wahhh..."Why does my scale like 126.4 so much?" um...You don't have to lose weight, that's why...I have weighed that since high school! Poop. Lost another 1/2 pound. I am almost in the 140s...but man, to see the 130s would be awesome. I hiked Pinnacle Peak over the weekend, did 2 of the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred on Sunday and Monday and got up at 5AM yesterday to do a 5:30AM Sumit Yoga (similar to Bikram) class. I have one more secret weapon I am starting today. Be afraid, be very afraid...I shall be the Queen of the Fat Bottom Girls. [04/07]

Stacey L: why does my scale like 126.4 so much? wtf? what a weird weight for it to be stuck on...GO DOWN ALREADY U MOFO!!! [04/03]

Michelle P: What are you doing this summer that sounds good. Also I have been working my ass off and in 27 days I don't think I will get to my goal weight but if I can get another 10 pounds down then I will be happy. It sucks that it takes forever!!!I agree I'm sick of being a fat ass and now that I have to hang around all of you skinny bitches it will make me feel even worse, I'll be the fat friend that everyone has, but I know what I have to do so be afraid you skinny bitches!!! [04/02]

Jennifer S: Be afraid, be very afraid...Another 1/2 pound today...FINALLY, I seem to be back on track. I have upped my cardio. I think that was my problem. You better start working out all of the time now because I am planning to win. I am now at 151 lbs. Still to big for my taste but getting closer. I don't see how I will get to 135 lbs. before Vegas, But I am going to do everything I can. Hard because of work and life, but I am going to make sure I work out at least 5-6 days a week for the next 4 weeks. We are psycho, aren't we? haha...I want to feel good on this trip. I am sick of being fat, plus I have a really big incentive now for this summer...yee... [04/02]

Michelle P: You fat asses are psycho!!! [04/01]

Jennifer S: I have many secret weapons...You will find out exactly what they are at the end of this wonderful pooping and weight loss journey, as I don't want to give all of my ancient chinese secrets away at this time. I think I shall name tomorrows poop "Big Little Shit". [04/01]

Stacey L: I poo every day and love to give them each name. It shows them u respect them. I recommend this for everyone. poos are worthy of our love and respect. BTW, you guys r toast, I have worked out everyday for a week. Will weight myself next monday. sux to be UUUU [04/01]

Michelle P: congrats my friend and what will you be naming it. [04/01]

Jennifer S: I am planning to give birth to a 1 lb. poop tomorrow. I will send pictures and an annoucement so that you can all congratulate me. [04/01]

Michelle P: If I could only poop like Stacey then I would loose so much more. [03/30]

Michelle P: Me too my friend we should gang up on skinny fat ass and beat her so she feels bad and pays us both this was her stupid idea. Way to go on the 1/2 pound. I don't feel like I lost anything this week. [03/30]

Jennifer S: P.S. 3.2 lbs. is AWESOME Michelle! It took me like 2 weeks to lose a damn pound. I have to get really serious now. [03/30]

Jennifer S: And I have noticed I have to work twice as hard too. Wahhh... [03/30]

Jennifer S: OK, I have learned that I can no longer just eat good, but that I have to work out as well, not just eat good. Finally starting to see some results. (Well barely, but I'll take a half pound). I think I have discovered my secret weapon to at least start losing the weight again. It sucks getting older. The weight does not come off as easily as it used to. POOP. [03/30]

Michelle P: Why what did you do????? OMG I just looked at the date we only have 31 days left. That sucks, but its also good because our fat asses will be in Vegas girls. [03/29]

Stacey L: too scared to weigh myself today...oh noooooooo [03/29]

Michelle P: Finally I'm seeing the number go back down. Lost 3.2 pounds this week. It's about freakin time!!! [03/26]

Michelle P: I hate you all!!!!!!!!!! [03/25]

Michelle P: Well I went on Jenny fat ass Craig I weigh in tomorrow so I better have lost weight or I'm going to scream. Whose dumb idea was this anyways. Oh ya it was skinny ass Stacey. Well Jenny your are skinnier then me so both of you suck. So I'm really depressed this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [03/25]

Jennifer S: And I have been eating well...GROUCHY... :{ [03/25]

Jennifer S: FART!!! [03/25]

Jennifer S: WAAAAAHHHH...Now I am over the blue line. I told you this would happen to me. DAMNIT I AM DOING CARDIO, because I have been eating really well and now I am stuck at this same stupid fat ass weight. [03/25]

Jennifer S: UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH...I have not lost any weight in like a WEEK and prior that is was only a half lb. F*@K! OK, that is it. I HAVE to do more cardio. Only a little more than and month and I want to lose 17 more pounds, which seems impossible unless I work out day and night like those people on the Biggest Loser. I am PISSED...At least I haven't gained any, but to not lose any either sucks. [03/25]

Michelle P: What ever loser you are probably cheating again!!!! :) I'll be weighing my fat ass on Friday. [03/22]

Stacey L: ok, that's a bit better, at least I'm beating Michelle...snicker... [03/20]

Michelle P: Well I gained 2 pounds great... Stac I think we get the freakin point with the Vegassss... Geesh already.. LOL. [03/19]

Stacey L: geez, didn't mean to submit that 3 times. fatbet must be as disgusted with me as I am. [03/19]

Stacey L: i gained 4 pds in vegASSSSSS. for my big ASSSSSS [03/19]

Stacey L: i gained 4 pds in vegASSSSSS. for my big ASSSSSS [03/19]

Stacey L: i gained 4 pds in vegASSSSSS. for my big ASSSSSS [03/19]

Stacey L: look at my psycho graph... doo doo. [03/19]

Michelle P: I have to say Jenny she did great little beotch. I did work out everyday in the morning woop woop so that was good. Now I'm afraid to weigh myself tomorrow but we will see. Jenny that is awesome but wait I'm not suppose to be happy BRAT!! [03/18]

Jennifer S: Cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, french fries...It's ok Stacey and Michelle if you want to eat these items...They are calling your name. YUM...They want you to eat them. [03/17]

Jennifer S: FINALLY...152. I am upping my cardio this week. Poop on all of you. Stacey, I hope you are having fun in Vegas on your diet. It's ok if you want to eat. You are on vacation. [03/17]

Michelle P: lala lala la mum mum mum Can you do this?? [03/13]

Stacey L: u just say what u need to say to make yourself feel better..blender [03/12]

Michelle P: Well I think someone is getting nervous because the truth came out CHEATER!!! Being successful is when you reach your goal when you are truthful... So plop plop plop!!! And KNIFE!! [03/12]

Stacey L: hmmm, I sense a hater in my midst. That's what usually happens when you're successful in your goals. plop plop HEY APPLE!! [03/12]

Michelle P: Ok that was mean of me. Wait naaaa really it wasn't plop plop go fill up your toilet... [03/12]

Michelle P: Well of course you are winning because you cheat. If I was taking something that makes me shit a pound then I would have lost 10 pounds now. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.. APPLE!! [03/12]

Stacey L: ohhhhhh myyyyyyy. looie lookie. [03/12]

Stacey L: My strategy in Vegas is no carbs. I just read what I wrote and I actually grossed myself out, and that's hard to do. [03/11]

Michelle P: Man I should be on the laxitive that you are on. I don't know how you are loosing weight when you have nothing to loose BEOTCH!! When we get back from our trip I'm going on Jenny fat ass craig so bitches watch out. This fat ass has 49 days left to loose weight. If it doesn't work you can visit me at my grave because I will kill myself. [03/11]

Stacey L: ohhhh yahhhh. I pooped so much yesterday it went above the toilet water look at my weight..OWW [03/11]

Michelle P: Shut up!!!I don't want to play with you anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! [03/10]

Jennifer S: Dang, no loss AGAIN!!! WTF? [03/10]

Stacey L: ohhhh, you will be more pissed when u see I have passed u again Michelle... wah wah wah [03/10]

Michelle P: shit shit I haven't lost one damn pound in awhile its pissing me off. Maybe I need to get my fat ass back on jenny craig. i'm so going to loose and i cant afford that shit.. [03/09]

Jennifer S: Nothing today :S POOP. [03/09]

Stacey L: fuc fuc fuc...damn alcohol & italian food. [03/09]

Jennifer S: 152.5. [03/08]

Jennifer S: P.S. I had a lot of fun the other night. I am so happy you guys were surprised. We weren't sure if you knew about it. [03/08]

Jennifer S: Hang in there. It will come off. I have been not eating much because if everything going on with me. I have been exercising more but still not enough. I am starting to do more of that this week. Try those Atkins protein shakes for breakfast. They are good. I'm staying away from white breads and eating mainly salads with lots of protein and veggies at lunch and then fish or meat with veggies for dinner. Just trying to do better. Every once in a while I have a little of something I shouldn't but a very small portion (ie. pizza, but just about 5 bites when my kids are having it). Right now it is prerry easy for me to eat well because when I'm upset about something, I lose my appetite. [03/08]

Michelle P: Well girlfriend you are kicking my fat ass. I have lost only 8 pounds and thats it. It driving m fat ass crazy. I'm at this stand still and it's pissing me off. SHIT!!! [03/05]

Jennifer S: Hey why aren't you guys entering your weight? [03/05]

Jennifer S: 13 lbs as of today. [03/05]

Jennifer S: 153. [03/05]

Jennifer S: I'm doing it this time. You guys are doing great too. I want to win though, so you better get to work. Heh heh...There shall be no fat asses in Vegas. [03/05]

Stacey L: wow Jenny. You've almost lost 15 pds. That's like a small beagle. Pretty good Missy. I'm at the same weight but look out. [03/03]

Michelle P: Jenny you skinny bitch I will be leaving you and Stacey's ass in Vegas I'm not standing next to you two skinny beotches. [03/03]

Michelle P: Way to go Jenny I have to weigh myself tomorrow. I know that I didn't do very well this past weekend since I was there drinking. I'm back on the wagon that is for sure. You are doing great. I better get my fat ass in to the gym today and get back to work. [03/03]

Jennifer S: 153.5 today... [03/03]

Michelle P: Ok bitches well I was in Vegas for this weekend and I'm scared to weigh in tomorrow but I will to be fare. [02/28]

Stacey L: I Did just figure out percentages so far to be fair. Here it is so far: Me - 3.8% lost Jenny - 6% lost Michelle - 4.1% lost So I am actually losing right now, but according to fatbet i am winning so suck it. [02/28]

Stacey L: oh it is quiet out there in fatbet land. snicker snicker hahahaha! [02/28]

Stacey L: LOOK who's number 1 NOW???? So it has been it IS!!!! [02/28]

Stacey L: ohhh yahhh I lost another .2 mo foes... I'm coming from behind like I said! >:) [02/27]

Stacey L: oh, look, one down, one to go. Damn I'm a sexy bitch, a sexy bitch, damn I'ma sexy bitch..DAMN GIRL!!! [02/26]

Jennifer S: 1 more lb. today. YAY! Stacey, where are you? you said you would be moving up from behind to over take Michelle and I. I don't think so. [02/26]

Jennifer S: POOP...No weight loss today. Grrrrr... [02/25]

Stacey L: Oh, and it's typical for u two to make excuses for not losing anymore weight. This is where I move up from behind and overtake u two. This is where true champions like me are born. [02/25]

Stacey L: Oh lookeee, I just lost .6 pds AND I had a margarita last night. suck it u two.. [02/25]

Michelle P: Yes but now seeing Bon Jovi last night man can I have sex with him 24/7. Oh miss queen just wait you will be kissing my butt real soon. [02/25]

Jennifer S: Michelle, more sex to lose weight sounds fun. You have a very nice husband. [02/24]

Jennifer S: Now just a 1/2 lb. today. I knew this would happen. But I am QUEEN for now, so bow down to me and kiss my feet all of you lowly peasants. [02/24]

Michelle P: Haha look who is in second beotch whatch out Jenny I will be stealing your crown real soon. Love you fat asses. [02/24]

Stacey L: hahahahaha, back to 2nd beotches!!! In your face! [02/24]

Michelle P: Who cares fat ass I'm in 2nd place so hoot hoot.... j/k [02/23]

Stacey L: oh look, I gained weight after my 1st day. that kind of sucks. Fat Buster is from the Celebrity Fit Club Guy. It starts with 9 days detox so yesterday was my 1st day and I must of screwed something up to have gained a pound because i feel like I have a massive hangover. Enjoy your victory while you can, fat assess... [02/23]

Michelle P: I know what you mean Jenny, it always starts off good then slows down real quick. NOw with me going away this weekend for my bday I'm really scared. Mike said I have to have a lot of sex to get rid of the calories. So I said sure do I get to pick who I get. LOL... [02/23]

Jennifer S: Started at 166, today at 157.5. I can tell the loss is slowing down from here. I always drop a lot fast (because I am purging my system initially) and then it gets really slow for me usually after that, but I am VERY determined. POOP ON YOU ALL (Just kidding) - Keep up the hard work girls! :) [02/23]

Jennifer S: I want to know more about that Fat Buster Diet... [02/23]

Michelle P: Yes I could smell you all the way on the other side of the room... [02/22]

Stacey L: Oh boy, the fat buster diet seems to be working because i could barely contain my bowels during Zumba. hee hee! [02/22]

Stacey L: started "fat buster diet" today. look out fools [02/22]

Michelle P: Way to go girl, I will be weighing in on Thursday morning. Then Stac will be at the bottom... [02/22]

Jennifer S: HAHA Suckers, whose winning now??? :) [02/22]

Stacey L: i did suckaaaa [02/21]

Michelle P: Oh looky looky miss princess I'm right behind you now if you are true you will weigh yourself today but I understand if you don't it's ok to admit it when you failed. LOL LOL..... Jenny where are you loser. [02/21]

Michelle P: Stacey you better weigh in today because I know you were a bad bad girl last night!!!! Hehehehe [02/21]

Michelle P: LOL!!!!!!! Thanks for the blood thoughts I really needed that this morning... [02/20]

Stacey L: nooooo, only WE can rad it dum dum. only if we r featured and now that I put my bloody thoughts down, Im sure we won't so BOO ON U!! [02/20]

Michelle P: Hey dumb ass you can't make more blood its already in your body. Oh ya and you know everyone can read this LOL.... [02/20]

Stacey L: wahhh i just gained .7 pds. but i'm on my bad period day so the blood must weight at least 5 pds., so I'm STILL winning. :P [02/20]

Michelle P: I got so excited I couldn't even spell right. Alright Stacey you better hide your skinny little ass because I'm gonna kick it real soon. [02/20]

Michelle P: Wow you just moved up to second. I have lost 5.4 pounds total... Ok miss think up there you will be at your goal and I will pass your ass soon enough.. I'm so excited. [02/20]

Michelle P: Jenny that is awesome you lost 4 pounds ok I'm weighing my fat ass tomorrow morning when i'm done peeing and then Stacey shut your pie whole. [02/19]

Stacey L: leader board...hmmm, who is winning??? OH! STACEY is winning. nice. [02/19]

Michelle P: Ok I guess I need to weigh myself tomorrow morning and catch up with you dumb asses who weigh themselves every day... [02/19]

Stacey L: ohhh yahhhhhh [02/19]

Michelle P: Wow 1 pound made such a huge difference. What a joke 1.6% yeah me NOT.... ok you beotches are going down I'm not weighing myself everyday that is for sure once a week. [02/18]

Stacey L: soon you'll be fat AND poor [02/18]

Stacey L: fat. asses. [02/18]

Stacey L: hella yeahhhhh [02/18]

Michelle P: What ever loser of course you are winning who weighs themself every 5 seconds only you do you psycho!!! Hey Jenny have fun losing 135lbs. [02/18]

Stacey L: I'm going to the gym fat asses...hahahahahahahaha. I win so farrr [02/18]

Stacey L: ummm, jenny, your goal is not right. you have 135 pds to lose? good luck w/that [02/18]

Jennifer S: FINAL WEIGH IN on Thursday, 4/29/10 in the morning with your clothes off after taking a dump. [02/18]

Jennifer S: I SHALL RULE ALL FAT ASSES!!! [02/18]

Michelle P: Where is Jenny's sign in and Stacy's those two will suck if they don't sign up. [02/17]

Stacey L: do u think anyone else might want to join our wager? might be fun w/more ppl? [02/17]

Stacey L: oh...messed up the math. It's the weight you lost divided by your starting weight. So if I lose 15 pounds from 130, that is 15 /130 which is 11.5%. Make sense? [02/17]

Michelle P: You guys are going down!!! Man I'm a fat ass this is what will motivate me completely. [02/17]

Stacey L: the winner gets all the money. We r doing by percentage loss> Your weight - pds loss /starting weight = %. Highest percentage wins. [02/17]

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